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Flash Animation

Flash animation does just that. It adds a bit of “flash” to your website. That being said, it isn’t for every website or every situation. When used properly, it can add that special something that makes your site stand out from the others. When used incorrectly, it can detract from your overall site.

In the past, I have used flash headers for my old site (, and it did make that site stand out to an extent. On the other hand, that site never did all that well in the rankings.

One of the most popular uses for flash is for banner advertising. You can animate things in a way that is almost impossible to duplicate with other forms of animation. At this time, we are looking into expanding into “Silverlight”, which is very similar to flash.

If you have a special need for flash animation, it is billed at an hourly rate.

On these pages you’ll see a few of my favorite flash projects, along with a few comments about them. I hope they don’t bore you too much.

Click on the image to start the animation, and click on it again to stop the animation.

The “Hammerdown Road Warriors” were a racing team dating back to the early days of Need For Speed’s “Hot Pursuit 2” until about 2008 when they disbanded. As a member, I created some of the animations that graced the web site and forums during that time.

This is my favorite out of those animations. The animation ends with the names of the team members.

This animation was built to help another web designer fill a need. I must say that I think the results were quite nice.

This animation makes use of transparency, masking, and some math.

An ad created for a website that is a storehouse for the stories handed down by Native Americans from one generation to the next. Stories of other indigenous cultures as well.