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Most people believe that all sites are hosted by the site designer. In some cases that is true, however, most of the time they are hosted by a hosting provider other than the designer. We do offer hosting for websites, but we strongly urge our customers to acquire hosting from a third party host.

Who Will Be HostingYour Website?

Where will my site be hosted?

Your Site’s Physical Location

Once your site has been built, and you have a domain name, where are you going to put it? There are several choices, but in the vast majority of cases, you will want to have your site hosted by a reputable hosting company.

Very few businesses in this area have the bandwidth to handle more than a couple of visitors at a time. That is where hosting companies come in. They have the bandwidth to allow your visitors to quickly access your content online.

Most hosting companies have 24 hour on site staff. They not only make repairs when something goes wrong, they perform preventative maintenance to keep most problems from ever becoming your problem.

These companies also provide specialized services to their customers such as the installation of software like forums and blogs as well as configuring the SQL databases that make them work. They provide email functionality as well.

There are lots of hosting companies on the net, and many of them will provide you with good service at reasonable rates. Others will provide the same service at outlandish rates. I always suggest Webhostingbuzz’s great plans to my customers.

We can provide hosting services for your site, but only if we build the site. We are not a webhosting company. Webhostingbuzz offers 400 GB for the $4.95 / month with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Their offer far exceeds what I can do.